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Rock group "Toa e toa" is composed of veteran musicians who inspired numerous generations with their performances, and this Friday will demonstrate their music experience through this all-night concert.

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The saturday from 20:30, on the open, on the square, between the Old Bazaar and Stone bridge

On Wednesday Andrej Grozdanov will have an acoustic concert at Army Hall (Dom na ARM) starting from 20:00.

Andrej Grozdanov (Croatia) is one of the most inventive European guitarists today. In Skopje Andrej will lead us through the musical material from the album "Acoustic Songs of Faith" - processing of acoustic guitar on gospel songs and hymns from the 18th and 19th century.
Andrew completed his music education on the prestigious Guital Institute of Technology / London where he acquired most prestigious annual award "Platinum Diploma" learning from musicians who are part of the music brands like Frank Zappa, Sting, The Beatles, George Michael, Red Hot Chilli Pappers.
The concert is sponsored by the Evangelical Protestant Initiative, and is held in celebration of 500 years Reformation.

The concert location is Dom na ARM, St.Macedonia 1000, Skopje.



For the second night of OFFest Bella Ciao and Gisela João are going to have concert performances starting from 20:00 at Macedonian National Theater.

The concert performance of the songcycle Bella Ciao in 1964 at Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto marked the beginning of the Italian Folk revival. It was the first of the great didactic shows created by the Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano which brought the rich heritage of folksongs collected during 10 years of field research (1954-1964) to a wider audience. In this unique restaging, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the original concert, the innovation especially lies in the arrangements directed and orchestrated by the accordionist Riccardo Tesi, one of the most brilliant and rigorous protagonists of traditional music in Italy. An arrangement work establishing a more sophisticated dialogue between sounds and meanings with the help of guitarist Maurizio Geri and percussionist Gigi Biolcati, as well as with the presence of some of the most important voices in popular Italian music: Lucilla Galeazzi, Luisa Cottifogli, Elena Ledda and Alessio Lega. The Bella Ciao songs today not only retain all their expressive power, but they have acquired a new urgency in the globalized world for their libertarian values, peace activists and civilians. Bella Ciao is a lesson in democracy that comes from below.


Fado, Portuguese for “destiny” or “fate,” is a musical tradition that was recognized by Unesco as an “intangible cultural heritage of humanity.” Fado emerged from the taverns of Lisbon, mingling the many influences of a port city, to become a matter of national pride. Gisela João’s passionate voice is infused with the deepest essence of fado, the universally adored Portuguese blues, traditionally associated with Lisbon’s pubs and cafés, and renowned for its expressive and profoundly melancholic character. Considered one of today’s most important interpreters of fado, Gisela exploded on the scene in 2013 with the release of her first album, which universally and instantly reached the number one spot on the Portuguese charts. Her last album, “Nua”, was released in November 2016. “Nua” is her second album on which she summoned the whole spectrum of fate's stormy passions. From silent melancholy to eruptive, rough and exciting peaks, and painful resignation, creating her own drama, an exciting and frightening journey through seismic emotions. The critic recalled a phrase from Gisela Joao - "Many people think that fado is sad. Fado is not sad, it is intense, it is like life ".


Tickets on sale in Jugoton Rekords, MNT, MKC and online onwww.mktickets.mk and www.karti.com.mk.

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