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Sonja Sljivic brend menadzer na Nescafe

The young people in Macedonia learn better and faster with digital technologies

Campaign Start smart” for gathering means for equipping the digital Center at the National and University Library St. Clement of Ohrid


Skopje, February 13 2018- At the National and University Library St. Clement of Ohrid was held a discussion for the importance of the digitization of the education in the Macedonian society which at the same time announces the start of the campaign  „Start Smart” during which Nestle will be gathering funds that aimed for opening a multimedia center within the library.

Many international studies show that more and more students and young people consider that the digital technologies have a positive impact on their education and understanding of the themes.  According  to the last year research in the USA more than half of the young people want to use the new technologies for learning and more than 80% of them are using laptop for their home works.

These world trend have impact on the young Macedonians too. The national and University Library St. Clement of Ohrid started digitization of the book and archives.  The Library also  needs new equipment and new technology, in order for the digitization to be finished.

As a company that considers that every change starts with education Nestle with its brand NESCAFÉ 3in1started the campaign „Start smart“ within which a certain amount from every sold product NESCAFÉ 3in1 and NESCAFÉ 2in1 will be donated to the multimedia center in the library. 

vino i lj


On the day of wine and in love 14.02. in cooperation with Tikveš Winery
Rock Kafana Rustikana 2.0 prepares you a different environment than the standard ones. New Indigo will be responsible for the musical part, and we will lower the price of Cuvee line to 600 denars. The event starts at 21:30, and for reservations and information call 075 478 134.


A special treat for you and your loved one with our Valentine's set menu, love songs and cozy ambience!

Special set menu: 2650 MKD/per couple & glass of Prosecco included.

Make your bookings before its too late! Book now: 071/238-522

Wednesday, Feb 14 at 20:30h - 00:00h

Distrikt Bar & Kitchen

Plostad Makedonija 7, 1000 Skopje


valentango ft kalevala

MKC Club & Restaurant this Wednesday, February 14th, invites you to enjoy love together with tango dance and music dance trip around the world with the inspirational sounds of Kalevala (Jasna Nikolovska Ovcarovska - singer; Vladimir Ovcarovski - guitar; Zoran Pavloski - double bass; Goran Spasevski - percussion).
With tango and wine MKC Club & Restaurant celebrates its first year of work.
Entrance is free!
Bonus: mini exhibition of tango photos from our milongas, author Anita Palceska.

multimedijalna tango vecer

All art lovers are welcome by "Family Tangovi" and Cultural Center "Koco Racin" - Skopje on Tuesday, February 13th at KO-RA Gallery form 7 pm to another traditional multimedia event - fourth year in a row, celebrating love through art on the eve of February 14th.

This year you can attend:
7.30 pm - Opening of the exhibition
8 pm - Projection of the documentary film “Tango Negro: African Roots of the Tango”, directed by Dom Pedro (a film about the influence of African culture and music in the process of creation of tango in Argentina and Uruguay due to the large number of African slaves who inhabited these areas in that period ....)
9.30 pm - Milonga - tango dance to which all tango dancers are invited, but those who do not dance are welcome as well
KO-RA Gallery is located in the former House of Builders – opposite the high school  Josip Broz – Tito.
Entrance is free.

Sports Center Boris Trajkovski
- Gareth Emery; RE-born festival (20. 12. 2014)

Upcoming shows:

- The nutcracker (16. 12. 2014)
- Cosi fan tutte (17. 12. 2014)

Theater "Dramski"

- Jaws (16. 12. 2015)
- Captain John Peoplefox (17. 12. 2014)
- Archelaus or Euripides returns to the Balkan (18. 12. 2014)
- Sex, drugs, and rock & roll (19. 12. 2014)
- Heated tongues (20. 12. 2014)
- The man who ate the whole world (23. 12. 2014)
- Captain John Peoplefox (24. 12. 2014)
- Hamlet (25. 12. 2014)
- Living in narrow shoes (26. 12 2014)
- Whose are you (27. 12. 2014)

Upcoming performances:

- Jubilee celebration (18. 12 2014)
- New year’s eve children’s celebration (21. 12. 2014)
- Star dust (24. 12. 2014)
- Akiko returns (22. 01. 2015)
- Cyrillic (29. 01. 2015)
- Dream, Faith, Love (13.02.2015)
- Russian night (19. 02. 2015)
- B squared (26. 02. 2015)
- Great classics (12. 03. 2015)
- Romantic bass arias (19. 03. 2015)
- Apotheosis of dance (02. 04. 2015)
- Days of Macedonian music (09. 04. 2015)
- Symphonic concert (23. 04. 2015)
- Spanish guitar (07. 05. 2015)
- Video game (14. 05. 2015)

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