9th of November, Frosina cinema.
8A different, after work party at the Frosina Cinema, within the Cinedays Festival of European Film, with a movieand and a glass of wine.
We invite you to choose a film "hotel", free of charge. You want "Hotel Yugoslavia" or "Hotel Gagarin". Two films from different countries and different stories that connect the hotel. After a movie in two different "hotel rooms" - cinema "Frosina" and Pocket Cinema. For the happiest, we donate two nights for two to a hotel in Skopje. 
"Hotel Jugoslav", 2017, dir. Nicola Varnier, Switzerland (78 min.)
Festivals and Awards:
São Paulo International Film Festival; Berlin International Film Festival; Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival; Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival; Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam
"Hotel Gagarin", 2018, dir. Simone Spada, Italy (94 min.)
Festivals and Awards:
Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists (Nominee - Best Producer)
Izberi hotel

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