Cultural Information Center

May 22 - Jun 2

Project – Photography exhibition EXIT

The new exhibition of photography is titled EXIT. It contains 40 to 50 photographs, but the final exhibited works will depend of the space.

All photographs are printed on handmade paper and this will be the first exhibition in Macedonia of

this kind, and wide on Balkan. This exhibition was set on Days of Serbian photography, last year in

Cacak. As a result of extraordinary feedback from audience, many invitations has come for exhibition

in Paracin (Cultural center, 2017), Bor (National library, 2017), Zajecar (gallery, Radul Begov Konak,


Project EXIT contain 4 cycles. Firs is ENTRY, entry in the city, in habitat, going to place where people live, quest for better life, mostly material. Second cycle is called MESSAGES; it is city by his own, messages from the city. City is empty, alienated, hard for living. Third cycle is EXIT – leaving city, going outside, need for searching better, more human space for living. Forth cycle is FINISH like freedom, broadness, opportunity of escape, rebirth.

On the exhibition it will be promoted also the book with same title EXIT, which contains all photographs from the exhibition. The book will be with luxury design and hard cover.

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