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Skopje. There’s lot of emptiness to be covered here. Great opportunity to break new grounds and introduce new practises. I work in the field of culture and it allows me a freedom to be creative and still successful in non-commercial way. Big enough to be a city, but still small enough so you can meet your friends on daily basis, which i find truly priceless. One can argue about being behind the regular european milieu, but i love putting up a fight. It’s all about the fight around here.

Favorite place, food DM and Pelister; bars Vynil and Radio bar; club Epicentar; place Youth Cultural Centre

Born 1972 in Skopje.

Buying records and taking good care of his music since the earliest days of elementary school. 

Progressing into birthday party dj in the early 80s :)

Most music was cool all around in the 80s. Even pop music was the greatest ever. Such a creative environment helped him develop healthy curiosity, divergent musical taste and a progressive orientated mindscape, which will appear decisive in the future. First professional dj booking in 1992. Been very busy since than. Probably the busiest dj in the country. Regular at Kanal 103 (alternative FM radio station) since 1992, which proved very important for his development as a personality and as a musician. Free expression can work wonders if used creative. Editor in chief between 2008-2010. 

1993 finds him at the core of the macedonian techno-cultural revolution. Very important time for changing cultural habits and finally putting Skopje on the map

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