Sara Redzik
Several young macedonian designers are going to present their work on the sixth edition of the creative industries "Creative Skopje 2017" on 4-6 May at the Youth Cultural Center, organized by Congress Center Aleksandar Makedonski and City of Skopje.
"Multi-fan-action" is the title of the Nela Todorovska project and actually presents prototypes of clothing and accessories. The idea of the project is to invest in one piece of clothing that can be worn in many ways. Considering that the world is in a hurry and all people running somewhere, clothes need to become more multifuncional. This kind of clothing will offer you much, because that one piece you can transform and you will get different outfits. The trick is that no one will notice it's the same piece, only changing itself.
"Luminary connection" is project of graphic designer Elena Dinovska Zarapchiev. The project consist presentation of lamps inspired by geometry and the most perfect and basic geometric shapes, in this case a triangle.The lamps have a minimalistric design and produce great setting.
„Imperfections“ is title of the project created by fashion designer Dragan Hristov.
Sara Redzik will present woman's clothing with unique and unsual creations made of natural materials. Each piece represents a different story.
Also, there will be other projects like: "Makondino LLC" and "Artist3DH LLC".

Innovative projects of Macedonian authors and designers will be part of the upcoming festival of creative industries "Creative Skopje 2017" (4-6 May at MKC), organized by the Congress Center Aleksandar Makedonski and City of Skopje.The project "Interactive pixelation: You and Me" by Vladimir Dimovski, cinematographer and one of the most talented young filmmakers in Macedonia, who already has international career, is a process of creating a short film with special pixelation technique with a significant degree of improvisation by the actors. Associates of the project are: Zagorka Pop Antoska Andovska, Anna Aleksovska, Boban Aleksovski and Aleksandar Andovski.
"The black aurora" is the title of the project which the author Vladimir Blagojevic take part of this year's sixth edition. Vladimir Blagojevic (1979, Skopje) is graduated ethnologist, and since 2002 he has worked at the Museum of Macedonia. Since 2002 he produces jewelery and figurines of clay.
"Taktilis" is the title of the project made by fashion desighners Maja Gjureska and Antonia Gouginski Jordanoska with the collaborator Tony Pajdakov from the Association of the Blind-Veles. "Taktilis" is a project that deals with the design of clothing for people with impaired vision.The main goal is to find design solutions through which people with impaired vision can experience selecting, combining and buying clothes.

We expect you,
The team of "Creative Skopje".

Today starts 20th edition of the Skopje Film Festival with the movie „Requiem for Mrs.J“ directed by Bojan Vuletik. From 20th of April till April 28th the audience will have the opportunity to see more than 75 movies, workshops from renowned movies in cinema „Milennium“, „Cinematheque of Macedonia“ and „Frosina“.
The movie "Requiem for Mrs. J." this year was part of the official program "Panorama" of 67th Berlin Film Festival, and as announced the oppening will lead Mirjana Karanovik, who plays the lead role and director Vuletik as a part of the team.

This year the program will be divided into several segments, includng:
-Programme copyright film
-Gala projections
-A panorama of world film
-French film
-Macedonian production films
-Short film
-Retrospective of Stenly Kjubrik
-Children program "Creating Together"

zdravo mladi 7

The seventh edition of the festival of new music "Zdrqavo mladi”(Hello Youth) is scheduled for June 10th (Saturday)at the Youth cultural center (MKC) in Skopje.

This year's headliner is British returnees – “SLOWDIVE”! Formed in 1989, on hold since 1995, reunited in 2014 after almost 20 years, having played their comeback tour at all relevant festivals across the globe, they return with a new record, titled simply “SLOWDIVE”, and the release date is May 5th under the label “DEAD OCEANS”. A month after its release behold “Slowdive” in MKC. Skopje is the only city in the region this summer that will have the honor to welcome “SLOWDIVE”.

At the festival arrives also one of the few true guardians of garage / psychodelic / soul sound, unique KING KHAN along with his eight-member band “THE SHRINES”. If you are fans of all girl sensation “Savages”, surely you are aware that the bass player Ayse Hassan founded the duo “Kite Base”, along with Kendra Frost.

With a new album titled "What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?" played in the first part of the European promotional tour, arrives Manchester dark cinematic psychedelia / post-punk sensation “The Underground Youth”.

Finnish weirdoes K-X-P describe their sound as - original, electronic, Motorhead, Space, trance, spiritual, rock, meditational, free jazz, while Pitchfork, Mojo and Clash Magazine claim that the sound contains a strong element of Krautrock. We will see them live at “Zdravo mladi”!

And that's not all. This year a new practice of the festival is one of the stages to be selected / curated by a festival selector from the region or an artist / band.

This year it will be the festival currently on hold Dis-Patch from Belgrade. Relja Bobic ideological creator of the Dis-Patch for the “Zdravo mladi” audience says:

"In a way we mark 15 years of moving and 5 years of extinguishing the festival (which had its own loyal audience in Skopje, Macedonia), and the program will include some of the "old companions" of the Belgrade scene, new projects, and the prominent electronic live-band from Germany - KREIDLER."

The 7-hour musical journey of the Dis-Patch stage will go on with Kreidler, TAPAN [live], DEMEK [live], Wo0 [live], 33.10.3402 [live] and Moodswinger intermezzo DJ.

Tickets can already be obtained through the sales network of “MkTickets”, through the sales network of “Kupikartizase” and the ticket desk at MKC. The number of tickets on sale is strictly limited!

Price of tickets:

until 30.4. - 400 denars

1.5. - 9.6. - 600 denars

10.6. - 800 denars [soon]

urban fest skopje

Skopje welcomes artists from all over Europe as living statues entertaining audicences with their performance on April 28th-29th at the first International festival "Urban Fest".

The festival starts on April 28th (Friday) at 7 pm on Jadran Square. The first day of the festival will last four and a half hours, and the second through the whole day. The visual perception of "Urban Fest" will be complemented with urban rhythms. Contemporary music will be served by some of the best Macedonian DJs. Transmiting the city pulse will be Maci, Ogi, Shurbe and Bugimen.

At 1.30 pm on Saturday, April 29th, during a concert of Skopje jazz band “Flying Pekingese” performing will be artists of “European statue project” in which several artists directly animate the audience present at the festival", organizers said.

“Urban Fest" will be enriched with the performance of the band "Foltin". The event is under the auspices of Municipality Center, and organized by "Teatrosk" production of street art from Skopje.

urban fest

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