9th November Macedonian Opera and Ballet

Rossini's opera recounts the events of the first of the three plays by French playwright Pierre de Beaumarchais that revolve around the clever and enterprising character named Faigaro, the barber of the title. Mozarts opera The Marrige of Figaro, composed 30 years earlier in 1786, is based on the secund part of the Beaumarchais trilogy. The first Beaumarchais play was originally conceived as an opéra comique, but was rejected as such by the Comédie-Italienne. The play as it is now known was premiered in 1775 by the Comédie-Française at the Théâtre des Tuileries in Paris.

Other operas based on the first play were composed by Giovanni Paisiello, by Nicolas Isouard in 1796, and then by Francesco Morlacchiin 1816. Though the work of Paisiello triumphed for a time, only Rossini's version has stood the test of time and continues to be a mainstay of operatic repertoire. On 11 November 1868, two days before Rossini's death, the composer Costantino Dall'Argine (1842–1877) premiered an opera based on the same libretto as Rossini's work, bearing a dedication to Rossini. The premiere was not a failure, but critics condemned the "audacity" of the young composer and the work is now forgotten.

Rossini was well known for being remarkably productive, completing an average of two operas per year for 19 years, and in some years writing as many as four. Musicologists believe that, true to form, the music for Il barbiere di Siviglia was composed in just under three weeks, although the famous  overture was actually recycled from two earlier Rossini operas, Aureliano in Palmira and Elisabetta, regina d'Inghilterra and thus contains none of the thematic material in Il barbiere di Siviglia itself.


Conductor: Ivan Eminovik

Director: Ursula Horner (Austria)
Ass. Director: Ljupka Jakimovska
Set designer: Marija Veterovska
Costume designer: Maria Puputevska
Concert master: Jane Bakevski
Ass.Director: Katerina Stojkovska
Master of Arts: Gjorgjica Dashic, Jasmina Gjorgeska
Correctors: Elena Siljanoska, Ianinka Nevcheva, Andreya Naunov
Figaro: Marjan Jovanoski
Rose: Biljana Josifov
Count Almalwava: Blagoj Nacoski
Don Basilio: Vladimir Sazdovski
Don Bartolo: Neven Siljanovski
Berta: Nikolina Janevska
Fiorello: Christian Antovski
Ambrosio: Sasha Smilevski
Stone man: Borko Bidzovski
Choir and orchestra of the MOB
Sevilskiot berber
4th november 20:00h at Macedonian Opera and Ballet.
The performance is within the framework of the "Autumn Music Festivities" festival 2018. 
"Maria Callas - Master class" is a play written by American writer Terence McNally in 1995, presented as a fictitious masterclass from opera singer Maria Callas, before the end of her 70s. There are inserts from the music of Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini, and Vincenzo Bellini. Drama was first performed at Broadway in 1995. with the stars Zoe Caldwell and Ora McDonald.
The opera diva Maria Callas, glamorous, mortally serious on one side and with a dose of dry humor on the other, holds an hour of singing at the renowned Julius Sculth University in New York. Depending on the students' presence and the current mood, summoned by the memory of one's own life, it behaves completely unpredictable. Including its inspirations, the fear of being "the ugly duck," the hatred of its competitors, the pressure of the first performances, the triumph in La Scala ", As well as her affair with Aristotle Onassis, culminates in a monologue for her self-sacrifice in the name of art.
In 1996, the play was rewarded with "Drama Descended" for the best new drama and "Tony Avard" for the best drama.
Directed and translated by: Ursula Horner
Choice of costumes: Marija Puputevska
Graphic design: Maria Vateroska
Light design: Vasko Lisichov
Maria Callas: Nadezhda Ruben
Correspondent: Andrei Naunov
Sophie de Palma: Marija Naumovska
Sharon Graham: Alexandra Lazarevska Vasilev
Antoni Kandolino: Vlatko Gruevski
Decorator: Zoran Danilov
Maria Cala1s
Macedonian opera and ballet, 10/30/2018 at 20:00h
Being on the stage for more than 130 years, "Swan Lake" is no doubt the greatest ballet of all time. The success of the ballet is largely due to the wonderful music of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, one of the greatest artistic achievements in history. Tchaikovsky Ballet ended in 1876 for Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. In the choreography of Julius Risinger, the ballet was premiered on February 22, 1877. Without intending to make a reform in ballet music, Tchaikovsky devoted himself to writing "Swan Lake" by treating the ballet as an art form worthy of imaginative musical content.
Conductor: Biser Chadlovska
Choreographer: Viktor Yaremenko (Ukraine)
Set designer: Andrej Zlobin (Ukraine)
Costume designer: Ghana Ipatieva (Ukraine)
Tutors: Goran Bozhinov, Vasil Chichishashvili,
Lora Tarchougovska and Biljana Pasarikovska
Concert master: Verica Lambevska
Odeta, Odilia: Mimi Pop Aleksova Atanasovska
Prince Siegfried: Vasil Chichyashvili (Georgia)
Rothbart: Igor Velanoski
Lebedeovo ezero
"LIBERTANGO" lead us through a story that shows us the creation and the path of the tango. Street dance that reaches the piedestal of the world dance scene. Tango or the dance of passion, desire, jealousy, love, attraction ...
THE LIBERANGO of the great Astor Piazzolla, who has born in Buenos Aires, where he lives and makes music, opens a new direction in the tango, called "Nuevo tango". With the development and growth of this rare and world-renowned composer, the world music and dance scene is flooded, with its sounds, and the tango remains forever on the pedestal.
Piazzole's music merges jazz, classics and music of three people: Italy, Spain and Argentina.
Living between the street, club, music and dance, classics, jazz, university and talent, between Buenos Aires and Paris, Astor Piazzolla creates one of the most beautiful tango complications of the 20th century, LIBERTANGO.
October 3rd, 2018, Macedonian Opera and Ballet
Asunta Manetti Piazzola: Alexandra Mijalkova
Vicente "Nonino" Piacola: Vasil Chichyashvili (Georgia)
Maria Nives Rogo: Mimi Pop Aleksova Atanasovska
Juan Carlos Copes: Igor Velanoski
Carmenita Calderon: Natasha Josifovska
Dede Woolf: Sasha Evtimova
3 gangsters and tango dancers: Andrew Cook, Jan Kissilev, Miroslav Mitrashinovic
Piazzolla child: Marko Zdravkovski
Piazzolla Youth: Simone Girolletti (Italy)
Piazzolla old: Dragan Kochoski
Traditionally this year the State Ballet of ice from St. Petersburg is coming to Skopje!
On December 1st, at the stage of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, the State Ballet ice from St. Petersburg comes again, this time with the performance of the play "Sleeping Beauty" by Peter I. Tchaikovsky. It is a ballet spectacle of ice that the State Ballet from St. Petersburg is producing on almost all world ballet and opera stages. Tickets will be on sale from Tuesday (September 25, 2018) and they can be purchased through the sales network of www.kupikartizase.com, MOB Ticket, Pola Jugoton and Flower Shop.
zaspanata ubavica

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