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Sara Redzik
Several young macedonian designers are going to present their work on the sixth edition of the creative industries "Creative Skopje 2017" on 4-6 May at the Youth Cultural Center, organized by Congress Center Aleksandar Makedonski and City of Skopje.
"Multi-fan-action" is the title of the Nela Todorovska project and actually presents prototypes of clothing and accessories. The idea of the project is to invest in one piece of clothing that can be worn in many ways. Considering that the world is in a hurry and all people running somewhere, clothes need to become more multifuncional. This kind of clothing will offer you much, because that one piece you can transform and you will get different outfits. The trick is that no one will notice it's the same piece, only changing itself.
"Luminary connection" is project of graphic designer Elena Dinovska Zarapchiev. The project consist presentation of lamps inspired by geometry and the most perfect and basic geometric shapes, in this case a triangle.The lamps have a minimalistric design and produce great setting.
„Imperfections“ is title of the project created by fashion designer Dragan Hristov.
Sara Redzik will present woman's clothing with unique and unsual creations made of natural materials. Each piece represents a different story.
Also, there will be other projects like: "Makondino LLC" and "Artist3DH LLC".

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