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The favorite urban cultural event "Skopje Creativity 2018" will be held this year from May 11 to 13 in the Youth Cultural Center and on the locations around the institution (outdoor bars, cafe bar Frosina...). Since the first edition of 2012, when the organizers introduced the term creative industries to date, in the wake of the seventh edition, we can freely say that this branch has become recognizable and widely accepted in our country.

The festival aims to encourage the development of creative industries, which requires education of citizens and young people for creating new products. Through the development of skills and the intensification of cooperation between the sectors culture and economy, the ultimate goal will be fulfilled - the creative potential to be put into function of the economic development. In the previous editions, we could see various forms of art: hand-made jewelry, avant-garde design pieces of young designers, hand-decorated and restored old furniture, posters with graphic solutions that transmit powerful messages ... This year we have a record 44 events arranged in three days: workshops, lectures, workshops for children, high school students, designers ... "Skopje Creativity 2018" after the competition of the public institution Congress Center "Aleksandar Makedonski", based on the annual program for the work of the institute flocks in 2018, supported a number of projects, including: Round forms (photography exhibition) Dejan Dzolev; Magic of you on MATA, fashion design; The ladies from Avignon in the 3D model - Architectural faculty Skopje, prof. Elizabeta Avramovska with the students; House of Desires - workshop for children with special needs, Action reaction Skopje; Pilot comic shop Devetka, Comic Square; SOS Brutalism - jewelry, Vesna Kondova and Adela Celecia; Hooker - workshop for short feature film, mentor: Zagorka Pop Antoska - Andovska, associate: Vladimir Dimovski; Silver factors - popup shop, Ivana Sekuloska; Do you love Macedonia - Short eco video, authors: Nikola Stojkovski, Photo Studio Tiho - Aleksandar Kundic, students from PS Strasho Pindzur, Skopje ... and others.


otvoreno shestoto izdanie na skopje kreativa 273924


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