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chicago musicalPremiere of the musical "Chicago" by Natasha Poplavska will be happening at the stage of the Macedonian National Theatre this Tuesday, December 29th, and again on December 30th and January 4th. The musical is the work of famous artists of this genre: Bob Fosse, Fred Ebb and John Kander who became known to the general public through the anthology film musicals "Cabaret" and "All that jazz".
The musical "Chicago" is a co-production project of the Macedonian National Theatre, the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and the Faculty of Music Arts. "Chicago" today draws attention worldwide, no less than few decades ago when first set on the Broadway stage and the return of the musical as a genre on the world stage after its transfer to the movie screen.
"Chicago" is a social satire, with main topics being the struggle for existence and professional accomplishment and corrupt pattern of behavior of the judiciary and lawyers.
The leading roles are  played by Jelena Jovanova and Arna Sijak of MNT and Zarko Dimoski of the Comedy Theatre. The musical has 70 actors on stage, including guest actors of Drama Theatre and Theatre for Children and Youth. Choreography by Olga Pango, conductor is Bisera Cadlovska and costumes are made by Aleksandar Noshpal.

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